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Our Board

Left to right (George Jacobs Jr., Mark Penton, Aubrey Payne, Aidan Penton, Travis Jacobs,

Perry Collins, Mary Finn, John Humphries, Gus Foley, Austin Reid, Rodney Budden)


Our board is comprised of eleven directors. Eight are fishers and three are plant workers.

For information feel free to e-mail any of our board of directors below.

If you are a member and have an issue you need addressed please e-mail any of the board members below to have your issue discussed at our next scheduled board meeting. 






Other Board Members
Perry Collins
Mary Finn
George Jacobs Jr.
Mark Penton
Board Member
Austin Reid
Board Member
Gus Foley
Board Member
John Humphries
Board Member
Travis Jacobs
Board Member
George Jacobs jr.
Board Member
Aiden Penton
Board Member
Aubrey Payne
Board Member
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