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Company Profile

The Fogo Island Co-op is a major force in Newfoundland Seafood Industry, harvesting various species of seafood (crab, shrimp, turbot, caplin, cod, sea cucumber, herring and mackeral) in Newfoundland waters and remains an international force in markets globally. A fleet of 30 long liners, and many small inshore vessels supply quality raw material daily to three modern processing plants. The Co-op has its own laboratory, welding shop and a marine services center complete with a fishing supplies outlet. With markets in the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany the Co-op has spread its wings. They have developed a rock-solid reputation for honesty, integrity, pride in performance, and world-class quality. Just ask their customers.

Anchored in the North Atlantic, off Newfoundland's rugged North East coast, The Fogo Island Co-op remains totally committed to it's mandate and that is to provide a living to its membership made up of Fishers, plant workers and management employees.

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