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Fogo Island Co-Op Launches Qatar Mission

Delegation arriving today in Doha St. John’s, NL, November 17, 2017- Fogo Island Cooperative Society is pleased to announce its arrival in Doha, Qatar today as part of it's 2017 Canada-Qatar Trade Mission. The delegation which includes General Manager Phil Barnes will...

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Trade Mission to China, Nov 2017

We have had another successful mission to China. We have grown our business there since 2010 by over 800%. The economic growth of China over the past 5 years is nothing short of phenomenal to say the least. It’s resilience is unparalleled anywhere in the world. The...

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Fifty years later: Co-operative Society continues as a major contributor to life on Fogo Island

In 1967 the people of Fogo Island turned down Premier Joseph R. Smallwood’s offer of resettlement. While the fishery was failing and merchants had abandoned their businesses, the people stood firm in their resolve to remain put. Fogo Island Co-operative Society Ltd. general manager Phil Barnes said Smallwood gave the people three choices: they could stay and perish, move with financial help from government, or stay and development.

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Building a strategic vision for Fogo Island fisheries

  FOGO ISLAND, NL – Embrace change, or fall by the way side. That was Phil Barnes’ message at Fogo 2067 when speaking about maintaining a sustainable future for Fogo Island’s fishing industry. Most of the island’s fishers are 55 years of age and older. Approximately...

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Fortitude pays off in Fogo

Fogo is an Island stuck out in the North Atlantic off the northeast coast of Newfoundland. It has a very rugged coastline, rough seas at times, and numerous shoals that have sunk ships, blocked in with heavy Arctic ice three to four months of the year. Fogo Island is...

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Fogo Island Co-op working out well for crab harvesters

The St. George’s resident is quite comfortable fishing out of this port for his first season, but is a veteran fish harvester in his 20th year of fishing crab. He said the spot where he has pots set in St. George’s Bay, between Crabbes River and the wharf in Cape St....

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Fogo Island launches new economic development non-profit

FOGO ISLAND, NL – The Fogo Island Economic Development Partnership (EDP) is now officially a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the economic development of the island community. The EDP begins to serve the island as it celebrates the 50th anniversaries of...

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