Our Co-operative membership includes hard working, dedicated, professional fish harvesters. Many of the harvesters are fourth and fifth generation whose ancestors have fished the cold North Atlantic Ocean for more than a century. Today’s fishers use modern inshore fishing vessels to harvest wild fish that seasonally inhabit Newfoundland and Labrador’s coastline. These fisheries occur between March-November and the majority of our product is landed directly to our processing facilities because of our strategic coastal location. Many of the vessels have refrigerated storage capacity and all carry an abundant supply of clean ice to maintain fish quality. The industry and government employ a dockside monitoring program to ensure harvesting quality standards are maintained and that all catch is recorded and applied to the specific quota. The Co-operative supports international initiatives which combat unregulated, illegal and misreported fishing activity in other countries.

Our primary business is focused on harvesting and processing North Atlantic snow crab and cold water shrimp. We process Greenland halibut (turbot), cod and other groundfish species. We also process pelagic species including mackerel, herring and capelin. An important new initiative for the Co-operative is the development of a sea cucumber fishery which is providing new harvesting and processing opportunities.